NAFTA Renegotiations Must Prioritize Working People

Its official- President Trump is looking to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  News broke when the White House sent an official notice to Congress that failed to include details or a hint of the President’s vision on how he plans to renegotiate the notoriously flawed trade agreement. Working people and their unions were quick to respond.

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Trump’s Tax Plan Is a Massive Giveaway to the Wealthy Few

President Donald Trump is working on a new tax plan. Reports suggest that Trump wants to cut the corporate tax rate to 15%. That proposal could have serious long-term consequences for the United States—estimates show this will reduce revenue by $2.4 trillion in the first decade—and it amounts to little more than a massive giveaway to big corporations. Trump proposed the same tax cut for big corporations during the presidential campaign, as part of a larger tax plan that also included tax giveaways for the wealthy at a total cost of $7.2 trillion. We’ll have to wait to see what the details of the plan are, but it’s important that any tax plan help working people.

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California Labor Marches Forward, Together

With unprecedented federal attacks threatening working people across the nation, California Labor’s Joint Legislative Conference theme of “Resist and Rebuild” embodied the spirit of the California Labor Movement. We are unified and we are ready to not only go on defense, but on offense. And we’re going to stand together to win for working people.

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