Only Bryan Caforio will fight for union workers.
And he fights to win.

Throughout his career, Bryan Caforio has seen extreme interests take advantage of a system rigged against workers like us. When everyday people like us ask Bryan Caforio to take on some of the biggest banks in the world, he joins our fight. And we win.

Bryan Caforio stood up to big banks on behalf of consumers like us in the aftermath of the subprime mortgage crisis, and he won. Now Bryan is running for Congress to help build a better system where banks and corporations can’t take advantage of the families they are supposed to serve. He’s committed to creating and protecting good union jobs and defending Social Security and Medicare from attacks that would defund or eliminate them. Bryan Caforio is the only candidate with a plan to end wage discrimination and ensure that everyone truly has access to equal pay regardless of race, gender, or religion.

Bryan Caforio fights for workers like us. And he fights to win. Learn more at

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