2017 Bad Bills

Bad Bills, Labor’s Joint Legislative Conference

April 2017


AB 12 (Cooley): Would divert state resources from protecting workers rights to a burdensome and costly review of existing regulations.
AB 65 (Patterson): Would eliminate the payment of debt service for voter- approved high speed rail bonds out of the Transportation Debt Service Fund.
AB 66 (Patterson): Would add unnecessary and burdensome new reporting requirements on the High-Speed Rail Authority (HSRA).
AB 238 (Steinorth): Would prohibit union security clauses in the
cannabis industry.
AB 281 (Salas): Would expand the labor violations where employers get a “right to cure” with no penalties, making it easier for them to break the law and get away with it.
AB 442 (Frazier): Would allow employers to cure specified health and safety violations and pay no penalties, decreasing the incentive to follow the law.
AB 656 (Kiley): Would reward employers with a tax credit for underfunding the Unemployment Insurance system.
AB 831 (Patterson): Would provide a tax credit to small businesses for each hour spent on compliance with state laws and regulations, regardless if the business actually complies with state laws.
AB 912 (Obernolte): Would exempt small businesses from penalties for violat-ing health, safety, or environmental statutes and regulations.
AB 985 (Allen): Would reduce voter participation by requiring voter identifica-tion at the polls.
AB 989 (Cooper) & AB 1140 (Obernolte): Would grant favorable tax treat-ment for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), perpetuating a regressive tax and un-necessarily wasting scarce state dollars.
AB 1056 (Kiley): Would create unnecessary burdens for dying asbestos vic-tims to delay accountability and deny justice.
AB 1173 (Harper): Would eliminate the 8-hour work day for retail workers during the holiday season by allowing workers to sign individual agreements to waive daily overtime.
AB 1174 (Harper): Would weaken unions and take away the voice of workers by making California a “right-to-work” state.
AB 1429 & 1430 (Fong): Would make it harder for workers to enforce basic labor rights under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA).
AB 1434 (Allen): Would prohibit a Legislator from serving as a union official.
AB 1548 (Fong): Would reduce health and safety protections for public employees.


SB 414 (Vidak): Would destroy the state’s high-speed rail project by ending voter-approved bond funding for high-speed rail and redirecting the funds to other projects.
SB 524 (Vidak): Would undermine the enforcement of California labor law by granting employers blanket immunity with no regard to the actual harm to work-ers.
SB 603 (Glazer): Would prohibit BART management from entering into a collec-tive bargaining agreement that limits its ability to operate during a work stoppage.
SB 604 (Glazer): Would ban BART workers from striking without restricting any management tactics.