Covered California 2015

Covered California Open Enrollment starts Nov. 15!

Enroll, Renew, Change Plans

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  • You’re uninsured and want to buy coverage for 2015.
  • You want to change the plan you’re on now.
  • Tax penalties for being uninsured will increase in 2015.


Open Enrollment will occur from Nov. 15 to Feb. 15 for coverage starting in 2015. It is the once-a-year period for individuals to buy or to change their current health plan. The opening and closing dates also apply to individual plans sold outside the Covered CA marketplace. Medi-Cal is available for enrollment at any time throughout the year when you qualify.

Since last year, your plan, other plans available, the premiums offered, your eligibility based on income for Medi-Cal and subsidies, and your subsidy amount all may have changed for 2015.

Important Covered CA Dates

August:’s “Shop and Compare” was updated with new 2015 rates and subsidies.

Sept 30: Deadline for 2014 enrollees who were asked to verify citizenship or residency or income to send requested files in.

October: Insurers send renewal notices to current enrollees. Covered CA sends subsidy recalculations between October and mid-December.

Nov. 15: Open Enrollment begins. Enroll for the first time or change existing plan.
Dec. 15: Current enrollees who do nothing will be auto-renewed into the same plan.
Dec. 15: Enroll by Dec. 15 for coverage to start on Jan. 1.
Jan. 15: Enroll by Jan. 15 for coverage to start on Feb. 1.
Feb. 15: Open Enrollment ends. No more enrollments unless you have a special enrollment reason.

Tips on Enrollment and Renewal

  • Update your account information and report income changes. Login to your account or call Covered CA (800) 300-1506.
  • Insurer and Covered CA Notices: Don’t be alarmed if your insurer mails you a renewal notice stating the full, unsubsidized premium. Covered CA will mail the re-calculated subsidy separately.
  • Even if you’re leaning towards auto-renewing, check new rates and subsidies just to be sure.
  • “Shop and Compare” can be used now to see the new 2015 rates for all plans in your area, your re-calculated subsidy, and your payment for the premiums after subsidies.
  • You can still apply for 2014 coverage, if you have a special enrollment reason such as a major life change like losing your job-based coverage, birth/adoption, a permanent move, and other reasons.

Where to find Additional Assistance?

Call Covered CA at (800) 300-1506 to ask questions, apply, or enroll. Find in-person assistance from Covered CA’s certified insurance agents and enrollment counselors and county human services agencies in a searchable directory .

What specifically is new for 2015?

  • New Premium Rates for 2015: The changes by region and insurer are described in a new Covered CA 2015 booklet.
  • New Income Ranges for Medi-Cal and Subsidies: The income ranges for eligibility adjust upwards annually. The new table for subsidies ranges from $16,186 to $46,680 for singles and $32,913 to $95,400 for a family of four. For Medi-Cal, adults with incomes below those ranges qualify and children up to age 18 in families of four qualify with incomes up to $63,441.
  • Dental: Children’s Included, Adult/Family Optional: All plans include children’s dental embedded in the plan and premiums, a change from this year’s option to add it. In early 2015, adults and families on Covered CA plans will be able to buy optional dental plans. No extra subsidies apply to the optional plans. See the Family Dental Plans and Rates booklet for premiums by region and cost-sharing details
  • Provider networks may have changed: Provider networks may have changed throughout 2014 as carriers added providers to address availability concerns. Providers may have chosen to leave or join networks since last year too.

Online Resources

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