Going on Offense: IBEW 1245 members join the fight to change the narrative on unions

On February 25, more than 100 members of IBEW Local 1245 attended a day-long training on “Changing the Narrative,” lead by Steve Smith and Rachel Warino of the California Labor Federation. Most of those in attendance voluntarily gave up their Saturday to join the training because they recognize how important it is to rebuild public support for the union movement.

“We’ve needed this for a long time,” said new Organizing Steward Terell Wagner. “I’m really glad to be here.”

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IBEW Apprenticeship: One of the Most Rewarding Decisions I Ever Made

My entire life my mother has been a union electrician—a fact of life I never thought to question. It was where she spent her days while I was growing up, and it gave her the means to support our family. Although I understood and in my own way appreciated this fact, it never once occurred to me when considering potential career paths.

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Valley Fever Risk Looms in Central Valley

IBEW Local 1245 Business Representatives were recently informed of a case of Valley Fever from a PG&E lineman who went undiagnosed for several months. The member, Aaron Tulchinsky, was not aware of the health risk associated with Valley Fever in the Central Valley, and spoke up to the union because he wants other members to know about his experience, and hopes that those who move to or work in the Valley understand the risks.

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