Working people fighting for their healthcare

Take note, elected officials: working people are organized and ready to mobilize for our healthcare! With a President who took office insistent on dismantling the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) without any feasible replacement option, California’s working people didn’t waste a second to take action. Rain or shine, working people have turned out in record numbers throughout the state to send a clear message to their elected officials: don’t cut our healthcare!

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Build a Wall to Keep Trump Out of the White House

Finally, after what seems like years, we are almost to Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016. But we aren’t quite there yet, so we can’t let up now. We need to create a virtual wall between Donald Trump and the White House. Choose a brick, add your name and make sure that Trump won’t ever make it inside the White House without a visitor’s badge.

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“There’s a Boycott (Everyw)HERE!”


As Election Day approaches and voters across the nation watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debate on a national stage, working people are standing together to call for a nationwide boycott of Trump’s businesses. The bold #BoycottTrump campaign calls attention to Trump’s poor treatment and disrespect of the very people who keep his businesses running every day.

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