Cafeteria Workers at Yahoo Unionize, Join Workers’ Movement for Equality in the Tech Industry

This week, 118 food service workers at Yahoo won union representation at its headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. The food service workers, who are employed by Yahoo’s contractor, Bon Appetit, are calling for respect and dignity, affordable health care, and increased wages to compete with increasing rents in the Bay Area.

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Facebook Cafeteria Workers Vote to Stand Together in a Union with UNITE HERE

Silicon Valley’s inequality is well documented. While the region’s technology sector is booming, many working people have been left behind. But there’s a growing movement to change that, spurred by labor unions and the Silicon Valley Rising coalition. This week cafeteria workers at Facebook voted to stand together in a union, joining tech company shuttle bus drivers, janitors, security officers and others who have unionized in the last few years.

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“There’s a Boycott (Everyw)HERE!”


As Election Day approaches and voters across the nation watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debate on a national stage, working people are standing together to call for a nationwide boycott of Trump’s businesses. The bold #BoycottTrump campaign calls attention to Trump’s poor treatment and disrespect of the very people who keep his businesses running every day.

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