UDW Blasts Gov. Schwarzenegger on ADA Anniversary

, the UDW Homecare Providers Union/AFSCME 3930 has sharply criticized Gov. Schwarzenegger for his proposals to slash IHSS and other programs for the disabled.

“As we mark the 20th anniversary of the passage of the groundbreaking Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) this week, California should be leading the way in implementing this historic civil rights breakthrough for people with disabilities,” said Doug Moore, UDW Executive Director.

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Yes, LA Unions Are Still Going to Arizona on July 29

to put a preliminary injunction on the most offensive parts of SB 1070 is a huge win for immigrant rights, workers rights, and our labor movement. However, it is only a partial victory. Not until we pass comprehensive federal immigration reform can we claim victory. So L.A. unions are moving ahead with our trip to Arizona today, the day SB 1070 was scheduled to go into effect. More than 575 Los Angeles union members, belonging to 32 different unions, along with Los Angeles faith leaders and students will board a long caravan of 11 chartered buses bound for Phoenix, leaving Dodger Stadium at 4:00 a.m. The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO is sponsoring the event.

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Court Ruling Diminishes Unions’ Free Speech Rights

When I was a Business Agent it was mandatory that we become familiar with the Pruneyard decision, which allows for informational picketing on private property. So the First Amendment of the Constitution finally went beyond the private property line. When the owners of the business we were picketing called the law, we had copies of the decision to give the cops.

Now all that will change and our rights as citizens once again are limited to publicly owned property.

What was the Pruneyard Decision? Ever since 1975, California law establishes tough standards for courts to issue injunctions against demonstrators in labor disputes. The Supreme Court upheld that law in 1980.

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Rants & Raves for the Week of July 19th

* State appellate court rolls back workers' rights during labor disputes * Whitman flip-flops on immigration to appeal to Latino voters * Whitman wants to eliminate union organizing rights for state workers *

* President Obama signs unemployment extenssion bill * Bill to give pay equilty to farmworkers reaches Governor's desk * Sacramento City Council passes resolution to oppose Schwarzenegger's minimum-wage order *

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Tax Cuts Do Not Pay For Themselves

A core part of Meg Whitman’s purported job creation plan is what she calls “targeted” tax cuts. And by targeted, Whitman actually means “for the rich.” She’s proposing to eliminate the state capital gains tax, which would mean that Whitman herself, and her billionaire buddies, would pay next to nothing in state taxes. The state, however, would lose billions of dollars in revenue.

The nonpartisan California Budget Project just released a new brief entitled “No Free Lunch: Tax Cuts Widen Budget Gaps” that analyzes the impact of tax cuts on the California economy. The CBP brief clearly explains how claims that tax cuts fuel economic growth are tenuous at best, and those cuts can do even worse damage to the economy by reducing state spending

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Hundreds of L.A. Union Members to Travel to Phoenix to Protest Arizona’s Immigration Law

by Caroline O’Connor

More than 550 union members from 32 different unions in the Los Angeles along with several leaders from L.A.’s community and faith organizations will travel to Phoenix on July 29. We will travel “without papers” or identification the day SB 1070, Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, is scheduled to go into effect.

L.A. Labor’s goal is not only to oppose SB 1070, but to participate in activities in Phoenix where we will pledge to support efforts to register and turn out Arizona’s Latino vote. We will also kick off a new campaign joining Los Angeles and Arizona working families around issues of workers’ rights, good jobs and sensible solutions for national immigration reform.

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By Opposing High-Speed Rail, Whitman Shows True Colors on Jobs

Billionaire CEO Meg Whitman continued her hypocrisy on jobs yesterday, coming out in opposition to high-speed rail and the hundreds of thousands of jobs it would create. Whitman spokeswoman Sarah Pompei told the Sacramento Bee that Whitman opposes the project because the state can’t “afford” high-speed rail.

So let’s get this straight… the state can’t afford to create hundreds of thousands of good jobs with a project that’s already received significant federal funding and voter approval? This appears to be another example – a particularly egregious one – of Whitman showing her true colors on job creation.

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Realizing the Promise of the National Labor Relations Act

by U.S. Deptartment of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis

Monday marked the 75th anniversary of the National Labor Relations Act – also known as the Wagner Act – one of the lesser known, but key components of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. In addition to Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, a Federal minimum wage and laws regulating child labor – all controversial concepts at the time that we now take for granted as basic elements of fairness – the New Deal included the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) which protected workers' rights to join or form unions and engage in collective bargaining.

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