No on Proposition 32: Let’s Make It Strike Three

may seem like a remake of a bad movie to many voters. Voters have twice rejected other versions of this same effort to cripple the ability of working people to organize. In 1998, then-Gov. Pete Wilson supported Proposition 226, which was defeated when 53 percent of the voters cast “no' ballots. In 2005, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called a special election to ram through a series of measures, including Proposition 75. Again, that measure was rejected by 53 percent of voters.

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Walmart Workers Continue Demand for Change

Mike Hall

Workers at Walmart are continuing their actions to win respect and bring change to Walmart, with a demonstration today outside Walmart’s Bentonville, Ark., headquarters and with strikes yesterday by workers at stores in Dallas; Seattle; Miami; Sacramento, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; and in the Chicago and Washington areas.

Some 200 Walmart workers, mostly members of OUR Walmart, a worker-led organization, are at the company’s annual investor meeting today calling on Walmart and Chairman Rob Walton to address take home pay so low that workers are forced to rely on public programs to support their families. They're also calling on Walmart to address understaffing that is keeping workers from receiving sufficient hours and is also hurting customer service.

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Brian Bilbray and Carl DeMaio: San Diego’s Republican Shapeshifters

Lucas O'Connor

If there’s one thing that’s been particularly consistent to campaigns of the far right in San Diego this fall, it’s the unusually desperate attempts to hide the real agenda from voters. It’s one that should be cause for optimism as long as voters pay attention, and betrays an almost impressive self-awareness from the top of the GOP that the party’s agenda has drifted well outside the mainstream.

From the special exemptions of Prop 32 to Brian Bilbray’s teetering re-election bid to Carl DeMaio’s bizarre mayoral campaign, extreme conservatives are doing everything they can to hide their record and who they are.

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President Clinton Urges Californians to Vote No on Proposition 32

Brian Brokaw

Former President Bill Clinton today urged Californians to vote NO on Proposition 32, the deceptive Special Exemptions Act appearing on the November statewide ballot. President Clinton's call for voters to reject Prop 32 came during his remarks at a rally on the campus of UC Davis.

President Clinton joins California's leading government reform groups, including the League of Women Voters, California Common Cause, Public Citizen and the California Clean Money Campaign, along with hundreds of public safety, labor, education, health care, consumer, environmental, religious, and senior organizations, as well the state's leading newspaper editorial boards in opposition Prop 32.

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Holiday Inn LAX Workers Sue for Back Wages

Matthew McDermott

Workers at hotels near LAX on Century Boulevard are supposed to be covered under a 2008 Living Wage Ordinance providing wages of at least $11.97 an hour. A new class action lawsuit alleges that the Holiday Inn LAX willfully violated a host of wage and hour laws — and workers have revealed that conditions at the hotel are unsafe for guests.

UNITEHERE Local 11, who are supporting bartenders, housekeepers, cooks and other Holiday Inn LAX employees, issued a press release on the new class-action lawsuit, that seeks damages for: “back wages, not respecting [employees'] right to take meal breaks, not reimbursing them for expenses incurred while performing their work, and failure to pay them the mandatory ‘Living Wage’ required for all LAX-area hotels.”

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Prop. 32 Campaign Having Trouble with the Facts

Charles Idelson

Just looked up chutzpah in the dictionary. The definition says “see the Proposition 32 campaign in California” (well it does in my dictionary anyway).  Presumably the dictionary is referring to the latest Yes on 32 ad deceptively titled “Dishonest.” No, it was not a confession, but it should have been.

Prop. 32 is the November ballot measure pushed by the rightwing cabal that was behind two previous losing California initiatives to eliminate the influence of unions and working people in state politics. At least in those two previous efforts, Prop. 226 in 1998, and Prop. 75, one of disgraced former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s special election measures in 2005, the proponents were forthright in their anti-union aims.

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Workers’ Comp Reform Ends Business as Usual at the Rating Bureau

—workers’ compensation reform recently signed by Governor Jerry Brown—have argued that the legislation would deliver better benefits for workers at reduced cost to employers. As evidence, we pointed to Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) numbers confirming that SB 863 could reduce a planned 12.6% insurance rate increase by a few percentage points.

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect SB 863 to inspire anything more than a slightly smaller rate increase, but then the WCIRB Governing Committee stunned the California insurance world last week by eliminating that 12.6% rate hike entirely, potentially saving employers hundreds of millions of dollars while leaving SB 863’s benefit increases untouched. Sometimes, it seems, dreams really do come true.

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Small Business Action Committee: The Latest Shady Front Group Throwing Millions Behind Prop 32

Not surprisingly, the deceptively named “Stop Special Interest Money” Act is now being funded by an equally deceptively named front group, the Small Business Action Committee (SBAC), which has dropped millions into Prop 32, the ballot measure that leading newspapers call “a fraud,” “a cynical ploy” and “a deceptive sham”  because it would silence the voices of workers while giving corporate special interests even more power and influence.

The average voter might very well assume SBAC is actually made up of small businesses. But if you visit their website, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any reference to a single real-life small business. If you read their “Small Business Heroes” section, you’ll find a laundry list of Republican political flacks and right-wing ideologues – but you won’t find a single local business owner or mom-and-pop shop. In fact, there’s no mention of any actual small businesses anywhere on their website.

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“Stop the Greed Agenda” Bus Tour Exposes Koch Brothers’ Link to Prop 32

The notorious right-wing ideologues David and Charles Koch are some of the biggest spenders in American politics, dropping millions upon millions to buy elections and influence politicians all across the country. So why would they suddenly throw $4 million into a proposition that claims to “stop special interest money” from flooding politics?

Simple — because they know it’s a sham and that will silence the voice of workers while giving more power to corporate special interests. And this is exactly what the Koch brothers want. If they succeed in silencing our voice, the floodgates will open up even wider for billionaires like them to spend without limits and push their “greed agenda”– with the sole purpose of putting even more money into their loaded bank accounts, at the expense of our education, our jobs, our communities and our economy.

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