The New Heartland: “We’re Like the India of the U.S.”

Q&A with Rob England

Rob England, the statewide political coordinator for the Communication Workers of America, has an easy laugh and a perceptive expression; he is 31 with dark hair, a plaid shirt and a neatly trimmed short beard. I interviewed him on Thursday at Dagny’s, an unassumingly cool downtown Bakersfield coffee house that serves good coffee in colorful, mismatched ceramic mugs.

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California caregivers stage daily vigils at Governor’s office

When Governor Brown announced that he was stopping implementation of overtime pay and other wage protections for hundreds of thousands of IHSS homecare workers, the caregivers of UDW/AFSCME Local 3930 launched into action.

Yesterday marked the start of just one of their many statewide actions in the fight to win back their rights: every day in February, homecare workers are staging a vigil starting at 10 AM outside of the governor’s office.

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Happy 22nd Birthday, FMLA!

We've got work to do before you turn 23…

By Rachel Johnson

FMLA was a game changer – millions of families in America have been protected since its adoption in 1993. There is no question that FMLA deserves much celebration.

However; save for a few changes, FMLA has gone largely untouched for decades. This historic legislation was adopted nationally the same year pilots aired for X-Files and Boy Meets World. Fast forward to 2015: Girl Meets World is now on the air but we're still waiting on necessary improvements to FMLA.

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Speaker Atkins Unveils Critical Plan to Rebuild Transportation Infrastructure, Create Good Jobs

About 1/3 of all the bridges and overpasses in our state are showing signs of deterioration (i.e. crumbling). Seventy percent of our urban roads and highways are congested. California has the second-highest share of roads in “poor condition” in the nation.

Today California Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) announced a long-overdue proposal to rebuild our run-down roads and bridges, ease traffic congestion and create a lot of good, middle-class jobs doing it.

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