Labor Unions Launch New TV Ad with a Message to Rep Bera: Do Your Job & Protect Our Jobs

While running for Congress, Representative Ami Bera made a lot of promises to the people of his district. He made it clear that protecting jobs in the Sacramento region would be one of his top priorities. Yet, to the frustration of working people in his district, Rep. Bera has fallen back on that promise by committing to voting yes on Fast Track legislation that would steamroll a job-killing trade bill through Congress.

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California Musicians Support AB 1199 With Live Performance at the Capitol

New legislation will save jobs for California film and TV musicians

On May 18th, members of the American Federation of Musicians from Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco hosted a live musical performance and press conference outside the state capitol in support of AB 1199, a bill proposing changes to the Film & Television Tax Credit Program they say will bring more music work to the state.

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A Recess They Won’t Forget

by Rachel Johnson

Working people of California are making sure this a recess some members of Congress won’t ever forget!

Members of Congress are visiting their home districts and states until tomorrow and with a critical vote to authorize Fast Track on trade bills looming, now is the time to make our bottom line clear: stand with working people to support good jobs! Vote NO on Fast Track!

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Building Immigrant Worker Power

Angie Wei

If you are organizing workers in California, it’s likely you are organizing immigrant workers.  It’s also very likely that the employer has threatened to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when the workers begin to assert their rights and talk about forming a union.  Too often, employers use the threat of deportation as a form of intimidation, harassment, and retaliation against workers and their families.  Nothing chills an organizing drive quicker than the threat of calling ICE…it can separate workers from their children, parents and spouse.

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Walmart Closes Stores to Quell Worker Movement

Earlier this month, Walmart closed 5 stores in 4 states nationwide, giving workers just hours' notice that they would be laid off. The closings impacted a reported 2,200 employees who were told there was no guarantee they would be transferred or maintain their pay and hours and that if they would like to work at the stores when they reopen, they would need to reapply as if they had never worked there previously.

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Report: State’s Low-Income Workers Are Falling Behind

“If we’re serious about fighting inequality, we need to understand it and track it to see how we’re doing,” Dr. Annette Bernhardt tells Capital & Main. Bernhardt is the lead author of Low Wage Work in California: 2014 Chartbook, the first of what will be an annual report from the University of California, Berkeley Labor Center. “Our goal was to show that the story of inequality isn’t just about the top one percent; it’s also about the millions of low-wage workers and their families who struggle with economic insecurity every day.”

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