Dispatch from the front lines of the Fast Track battle

Ask any of our Teamster members…what happened after NAFTA?  Unequivocally, they would say, American jobs were lost.  There may be some other points made but that is definitely the topline takeaway.

And what’s going to happen if we let the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) pass?  Ten-thousand good union dairy jobs could be lost.  Some of the best jobs in California’s Central Valley.  And many more jobs in industries – both union and non-union — all across California.

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Nurses Turn up Heat in Fight to #StopFastTrack

by Rachel Johnson

Concerned over sweeping Fast Track legislation that would allow corporate lobbyists and DC bureaucrats to negotiate new international trade agreements that would make lifesaving drugs more expensive, Registered Nurses (RNs) with National Nurses United (NNU) are stepping up pressure on members of Congress in new radio ad campaigns in targeted districts.

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Major Victory: LA Hikes Minimum Wage to $15 per Hour by 2020

The extraordinary campaign to raise wages for low-income Californians scored one of its biggest victories to date yesterday when the Los Angeles City Council approved a plan to hike the minimum wage for Angelenos to $15 per hour by 2020. The union-led coalition LA Raise the Wage has been building support for months to secure yesterday’s historic 14-1 council vote in favor of the wage hike.

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Win Against Wage Theft in the State Senate!

We won approval of SB 588 in the State Senate – a bill that will finally begin to address the rampant practice of wage theft across California. Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon came to our rally before the vote to express his unwavering support for the bill.



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