Faces of Labor: This is Who We Are

By Rachel Johnson, proud Union Member of The Newspaper Guild-Communication Workers of America 

It must be easier if they don’t have to see the families they seek to destroy. That’s the only explanation I can think of when I hear about the latest campaigns to annihilate retirement security for millions, Republican lawmakers’ efforts to push legislation that will make it harder for workers to stand together and organize, and a conservative presidential candidate who said teachers’ unions are worthy of a punch in the face.

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Stand with Me: Put an End to Lawbreaking at LA and Long Beach Ports

Humberto Canales

Port Truck Driver for XPO Logistics

There is a place in America where workers have no right to a minimum wage, no right to worker’s comp or disability insurance when they are injured and no right to form a union to improve their dismal conditions. Where is this place? It is where I work as a truck driver– at our nation’s seaports and rail yards, where companies have for decades been getting away with breaking labor laws, leaving many of us earning less than even the current minimum wage.

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