Art Pulaski: Governor has opportunity to build on legacy of protecting workers with AB465

The clock is ticking on Governor Jerry Brown’s deadline to decide which bills from this legislative session he’ll sign into law. A bill promising to curtail a practice that’s both harmful to workers and disturbingly on the rise in workplaces across California is more than worthy of his signature. Mandatory arbitration waivers have been sneaked into countless piles of paperwork for workers to unknowingly sign their rights away on the job or when they’re first hired.

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National Voter Registration Day Is a Civic Duty

Michael Davis

Since the 2000 elections, when I was first awakened to the fight for voting rights, I’ve come to realize the importance of National Voter Registration Day as a civic duty, and a means to proactively combat the divisive aims and effects of voter suppression. Steeped in oppressive roots, voter suppression laws and tactics continue to undermine democracy in the United States. Since January 2013, 15 states have introduced bills that make it harder to vote, particularly for people of color and the economically disadvantaged.

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The Healthcare Transparency Bill that has Big Insurance Reeling

By Rachel Johnson

There is a crisis in the healthcare industry harming workers and their bosses. Premiums for employer health insurance plans have risen 185% since 2002, more than five times the increase in the state’s overall inflation. As a result we’re seeing many workers giving up raises to pay for health care while also paying more and more out-of-pocket. Discussions about raising wages at the bargaining table are getting shelved as even more cash goes to the pockets of giant corporate health plans. These skyrocketing healthcare premiums and costs are clearly taking a toll on workers and employers.

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This Labor Day Celebrate Unions: A Beacon of Hope for Millions

In 1936, during the throes of the Great Depression, FDR addressed a deeply divided and economically insecure nation on the eve of Labor Day.

“There are those who fail to read both the signs of the times and American history. They would try to refuse the worker any effective power to bargain collectively, to earn a decent livelihood and to acquire security. It is those short-sighted ones, not labor, who threaten this country with that class dissension which in other countries has led to dictatorship and the establishment of fear and hatred as the dominant emotions in human life.”

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