Where are the Jobs? New Reports Show TPP Fails Workers

When it comes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the operative question for Americans to ask is “Where are the Jobs?” According to two new independent analyses, they’re nonexistent.

The Obama administration, as part of its full-throated defense of the deal, is touting a new report from the Peterson Institute that claims the TPP will increase exports and raise wages. More on that specious claim in a minute. But the kicker in this report is that the TPP won’t add jobs, despite job creation being central to the Obama administration’s and big business supporters’ argument in support of the deal. In fact, the report states it will lead to “job churning” from manufacturing to service sector jobs.

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30 Years Celebrating Art & Culture of the Labor Movement

By Rachel Warino

For 30 years, a group of tireless volunteers have dedicated countless hours, time, resources, and energy to providing one of the most welcoming spaces for workers on the West Coast: The Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival. This past festival, held on Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend was no exception.

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Teamsters Members Win Over $70,000 in Overtime Back Pay

Christmas came for early for some members of Teamsters Local 2010 working in the UCSD Eye Institute. On December 22, 2015, 19 workers were awarded checks ranging from $126 to $5,074 for back pay owed for unpaid overtime.

“If it wasn’t for the Teamsters we would have never gotten paid,” Leslie Medina said.  “With your help, we got what was owed us.”

Cross post from Teamster Local 2010

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New Law Will Protect Low-Wage Earners from Debt Collectors

by Jessica Bartholow

The fight for fifteen is no longer just a slogan, or a hashtag. It is now the law in an increasing number of California cities and will soon be a checkbox on our ballots. And, in January, California will have the highest minimum wage in the nation. As the most prosperous state in the country, with one of the highest rates of income inequality, it is only right that we should.

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Powerful Corporate Interests Attempt Power Grab with Friedrichs Case

By Steve Smith

There’s been a good amount of hullabaloo in recent days about a Supreme Court case that threatens to undermine the ability of working people to stand together to negotiate a fair wage and decent benefits. Oral arguments in the case, Friedrichs v CTA, were presented before the Court yesterday. The case involves the Court re-examining a 40-year precedent that allows unions to charge fair-share fees for representing those who choose not to join the union but still benefit from the contracts it negotiates.

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This video of children singing Solidarity Forever will give you all the feels

This video of children singing Solidarity Forever will give you all the feels By Rachel Warino Having a rough day? Need a pick me up? We got you covered. Last week , hundreds attended the dedication of the Itliong – Vera Cruz Middle School in Union City. The naming of the school after Larry Itliong […]

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