2015 Victories to Ring in the New Year

By Rachel Warino

Passing laws that help improve the quality of life for working families can be a tough prospect. Commonsense ideas that help workers thrive in our society – raising the minimum wage, ensuring all workers have access to paid sick days, over time pay, to name a few – have always faced incredible pushback from the very same corporations and their lobbyists who benefit from a shrinking middle class. Yet year after year, we see that when workers stand together, we can raise standards for all. Last year was no exception.

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Bankruptcy reforms needed to help Californians climb their way out of debt

By Senator Bob Wieckowski

New U.S. Census Bureau data show the Bay Area is booming, but rising housing costs and poverty rates are making the recovery a spectator sport for many people trying to pay their bills while eliminating their personal debt.  Incomes have increased, but rents have jumped substantially more, and owner-occupied housing has dropped in the region.  For most people, it’s hard to buy and keep a home.

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