Teamsters Union Denounces Corporate Greed, Demands United Airlines Deliver Fair Contract

by Rachel Warino

Tomorrow Teamsters Aircraft Mechanics are standing together to join a nationwide day of action against United Airlines. Over 93% of the 9,000 mechanics nationwide voted to reject United Airline’s final offer and to authorize a strike. Teamsters in California will punch out for their lunch break and rally outside San Francisco International Airport to show solidarity with their coworkers across the country.

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Celebrating a pioneering labor leader in California

Q&A with Doug Moore, UDW

by Rachel Warino

In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to spotlight one of California's most forward-thinking labor leaders, Doug Moore. Mr. Moore is the Executive Director of United Domestic Workers of America, AFSCME Local 3930which is made up of over 91,000 California home care workers. His union has made historical gains under his leadership, expanding membership by the thousands in recent years. When talking to Mr. Moore I was struck by his enthusiasm and seemingly tireless resolve to grow our labor movement. You can tell he cares deeply about his members, the broader workers’ rights movement, and racial justice in our country.  Let’s dive in.


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Injustice anywhere: A reflection on homecare and Black History Month

by Doug Moore

In California, this month is particularly poignant for the homecare providers of the United Domestic Workers of America (UDW). On February 1, all of the state's nearly 400,000 In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) workers became eligible to earn overtime pay and other basic labor protections for the first time in history.

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Pulaski: Congress Must Reject Job-Killing TPP

By Steve Smith

On Monday, West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, representing a fake astroturf group  called the “Progressive Coalition for American Jobs,” penned a misleading op-ed in the Sacramento Bee in support of the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Cabaldon used a study from the Peterson Institute to help make his case that the TPP is good for jobs. Unfortunately for Cabaldon, he must not have actually read the study he cited because it actually says the flawed deal wouldn’t create any jobs AND it would lead to fewer good-paying manufacturing jobs.

Today, California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski set the record straight with his own op-ed in the Bee, pointing out the many harmful effects of the deal.

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