A Better San Diego Coalition Hosts Community Forum to Stop Prop 32

San Diego-Imperial Counties Central Labor Council

A Better San Diego is a coalition of community, faith, and labor groups that seeks to improve our community by addressing and demanding action on the important economic issues that face us. Friday morning, the coalition took a long look at the troubling truth behind Proposition 32.

We started the coalition specifically to address the economic issues that matter to us all, including direct attacks exactly like Proposition 32. Friday morning, our monthly breakfast discussion took an in-depth look at the threat from Prop 32 to our San Diego community and California overall. The fight will be tough, but our overflow crowd was fired up to get out and spread the word after getting the primer from a fantastic group of speakers.

Our panel discussion began with California Common Cause board member Simon Mayeski. Common Cause is one of the most respected campaign finance reform advocacy groups in California, and Mayeski explained in no uncertain terms that Proposition 32 may be many things, but it is definitely not campaign finance reform.

Justice for our communities takes many forms, and it’s vital that we be clear that Proposition 32 isn’t just about attacking unions or the labor movement. Diane Takvorian, the Executive Director of San Diego’s Environmental Health Coalition, laid out exactly what’s at stake for all working families who want a voice in the future of their communities. If corporations and billionaires are able to take control of big money politics, all of us will lose that voice.

Finally, my good friend and colleague Willie Pelote, Political and Legislative Director for AFSCME California PEOPLE cut right to the heart of the matter: Proposition 32 is brought to you by the same corporations and billionaires that broke the private sector trying now to break the government too. It won’t get special interest money out of politics, it will take away the voices of working families all over California. That’s why we have to stand up now and say No.

Two things were clear after our discussion and questions from the audience: One, the fight ahead of us is harder than anything we’ve ever faced here California, and we’re all going to have to push ourselves further than we have before to prevail. And two, we have the passionate workers and community allies that it takes to stand up to stop the Special Exemptions Act and say No on Proposition 32.

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