Union Organizing

When workers have a union, they have a voice on the job. Working together, they negotiate good wages and working conditions so they can provide a better life for their families. Union members have higher wages, greater job stability, retirement security, and access to quality healthcare for their families. It is no wonder that 57 million Americans who are not union members say they want to be part of one.

Sadly, workers are routinely denied that basic right. One out of four employers actually fire workers for trying to form a union. More than half of all companies tell workers they will close if workers vote for the union.  Many employers hire expensive lawyers and anti-union consultants to delay any union election, sometimes for years.

We believe that the key to overcoming these challenges is to first have campaigns built on worker leadership.  No matter the tactics that an employer uses to scare their workforce, it can be overcome by a structure of worker leaders reaching out and encouraging their co-workers to keep moving forward.  The second necessary ingredient for success is a smart strategic plan.  Finally, having the support of the community and political allies to support the organizing and move the strategic plan forward is essential.  The California Labor Federation is committed to improving working conditions across the state by supporting workers and their unions in building campaigns that can win.



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How to Form a Union Where You Work


Unions: Working People Standing Together

Labor unions are about a simple proposition: By joining together, working women and men gain strength in numbers so they can have a voice at work about what they care about. They negotiate a contract with their employer for things like a fair and safe workplace, better wages, a secure retirement and family-friendly policies such as paid sick leave and scheduling hours. They have a voice in how their jobs get done, creating a more stable, productive workforce that provides better services and products.


How to Form A Union Where You Work

If you do not have a union at your job, find out more about how to form one. Today, more people are taking the step to form unions on the job than at any time in recent history. You can be one of them! Click here for three steps that will get you started.