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California Labor Federation Oakland Office

600 Grand Avenue #410, Oakland, CA 94610

Office: (510)-663-4000     Fax: (510)-663-4099

Legislative Sacramento Office

1127 Eleventh Street #425, Sacramento, CA 95814

Office: (916)-444-3676     Fax: (916)-444-7693


Executive Office

Art Pulaski, Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Eva Miron, Executive Secretary


Finance and Administration

Tom Iacobucci, Director of Finance and Administration

Rocio Romo, Oakland Office Manager

Inez Price, Accounts Receivable/Dues Coordinator

Terri Marino, Accounting Coordinator



Steve Smith, Communications Director

Alexandra Catsoulis, Communications Specialist

Rosemarie Boothe-Bey, Events Coordinator



Bryan Blum, Political Director

Susan Sachen, Campaign & Field Director

Melanie Hallahan, Assistant Political Director

Hector Saldivar, Southern CA Field Director

Gloria Sanchez, Political Department Administration



Mitch Steiger, Legislative Advocate

Shawna Manning, Sacramento Office Manager


Workforce and Economic Development

John Brauer, Executive Director

Nica C. Tanaka, Project Coordinator

Casey Gallagher, Project Coordinator

Alma Trejo, Southern CA Project Coordinator