An Equitable, Sustainable Budget and Tax System

Budgets require hard choices that reflect our priorities as a state. For years, California faced billions of dollars in budget deficits and made deep cuts to education, public safety and infrastructure..  California’s budget has not only rebounded, but now has a healthy reserve., Yet the state has not restored the devastating cuts to social programs eviscerated during the Recession.

We need a budget and tax system that raises the necessary revenue and prioritizes spending to meet the basic needs of California families. We need to restore funding to programs that serve all Californians, rather than enacting tax breaks for corporations that do not create good jobs.  To create a state budget that takes care of our basic needs, we must close tax loopholes, increase transparency and accountability for tax expenditures, improve enforcement of current tax laws and develop new revenue sources. We must finally address the reforms needed in our property tax system under Prop 13 so that we may build a reliable tax base.

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