California Labor Federation Grants Statewide Strike Sanction to UAW Autoworkers

The California Labor Federation, representing 1200 affiliate unions and over two million workers, today granted strike sanction to the UAW in its contract negotiations with the “Big 3” automakers. UAW autoworkers voted 97% in favor of strike authorization. Should a strike be necessary, their picket lines with be honored by the Labor Federation, local labor councils, and affiliated unions. UAW represents autoworkers in California in four manufacturing facilities in Southern California.

“The entire California Labor Movement is unified in standing with UAW autoworkers in their fight for a fair contract. The UAW truly built the middle class in this country. With this contract, they are seeking to revive it, after decades of widening inequality, wage stagnation, and increased reliance on contingent workers” said Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, leader of the California Labor Federation, “This industry should be the gold standard for good, union manufacturing jobs that strengthen our entire economy but that won’t happen unless we demand it. Today we are putting the Big 3 on notice that we stand with our brothers and sisters in UAW to win the contract they deserve.”