California Unions Say Yes on Prop 13 – The School Safety Bond

There’s nothing more important than safe schools to provide a healthy learning environment. That’s exactly why the California Labor Federation, unions, parents and teachers support the Prop 13 school facilities bond on the March 3 ballot.

Look, we’ve all seen the deterioration older schools face. Asbestos. Lead paint. Structures that aren’t earthquake safe. These deteriorating facilities put our kids at risk and make learning that much harder. Unacceptable. It’s time for an upgrade.

Prop 13 invests $15 billion in making California children safer. This bond will improve California’s public schools across every educational category including preschool, K-12, higher education and technical schools.

Prop 13 provides funding to:

  • Upgrade facilities for earthquakes and other emergencies including emergency communication systems, safety door locks and lighting
  • Remove mold, lead paint, asbestos, and other hazardous materials from classrooms
  • Modernize job, career and vocational training facilities, including for veterans returning from duty
  • Provide space for school nurses and counselors to improve student access to health care and mental health services
  • Provide emergency funding to reopen schools following disasters
  • Repair aging classrooms, school buildings, and career education facilities
  • Repair and replace deteriorating water pipes for clean drinking water

Safety at school is conducive to learning. That’s why unions are in strong support of Prop 13 on the March ballot. Vote Yes on Prop 13!