California Unions Vow to Defeat Gig Company Ballot Measure That Would Strip Workers of Basic Protections and Wages

Instead of improving working conditions and paying drivers a living wage, Uber and Lyft announced they will spend tens of millions of dollars to lead a political campaign to undermine the Dynamex decision and strip those same drivers of basic protections on the job.

This announcement lays bare the real motivation of multi-billion dollar gig companies. They never cared about their drivers or workers. The only thing they care about is their bottom line and making their executives even richer than they already are. What an ironic misstep of these massive gig companies to kick off the biggest anti-worker campaign in decades as we are about to begin the Labor Day weekend in celebration of workers.

The California labor movement is unified in opposing this cynical measure. We will meet the gig companies’ absurd political spending with a vigorous worker-led campaign to defeat this measure to ensure working people have the basic job protections and the right to organize a union they deserve under the law.