California Unions Vow to Defeat Gig Corporations’ Measure to Strip Workers of Fundamental Protections

Instead of providing drivers with a real living wage and job protections that all workers deserve, massive gig corporations plan to spend more than $100 million to avoid complying with the law. This measure is another brazen attempt by some of the richest corporations in California to avoid playing by the same rules as all other law-abiding companies in our state. California’s unions will join drivers who want fair wages, better treatment and flexibility to defeat this corporate ploy.

These CEOs spin this ballot measure as a benefit to workers, but their corporate Hail Mary falls short.  It steals protections and pay their employees are entitled to under current law. That’s what the CA Supreme Court said last year. This measure is a raw deal for gig workers, businesses that do right by their employees and taxpayers who are left holding the bag when corporations cheat.

These CEOs are attempting a big-money veto to undo labor protections the bipartisan California Supreme Court, the California legislature and the governor all agree on. No corporation should be above the law, no matter how much they spend on political campaigns to rig the rules in their favor. We’re confident voters will see this measure for what it is and strongly reject any attempt to water down laws that support workers and their families.