California Alliance for Jobs Video, “Wimps Didn’t Build California,” Promotes High Speed Rail

In support of a new business plan recently approved  by the California High Speed Rail Authority, the California Alliance for Jobs released a short video challenging stakeholders and decision-makers to be bold, visionary thinkers and reminding them, “Wimps didn’t build California. People with grit and dreams did.”

The three-minute online video, which can be seen here, says that our visionary forefathers said, “to hell with the skeptics” and built the California that today is the envy of the world.

Jim Earp, Executive Director, California Alliance for Jobs, says in the video, 

That’s the kind of spirit we need in California today. We need not only that spirit and vision, but we need to make it real. And we have leadership in place today to make that happen with this project.

Earp is referring to Governor Jerry Brown who makes an appearance in the video via his State of the State speech last January, 

Those who believe California is in decline will naturally shrink back. I understand that feeling, but I don’t share it because I know this state, and the spirit of the people who chose to live here.

Others included in the video are Carl Guardino, President & CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group; Lucy Dunn, President & CEO, Orange County Business Council; Lon Hatamiya, Former Secretary of the California Technology, Trade & Commerce Agency; Ryan Heller, UC Merced Senior and Founder, I Will Ride student group in support of high-speed rail; and Charles Bynum, Construction Worker, Operating Engineers, Local 3.

Given the chronic 25 percent unemployment that continues to afflict the construction industry, and the clear benefits high-speed rail will bring to California, the Alliance is urging state lawmakers to press forward with a full and fair review of the new business plan.