California Labor Federation Releases Primary Endorsements, Launches Grassroots Mobilization

concluded its 2014 biennial pre-primary convention–a one-of-a-kind endorsement process that allows 2.1 million union workers to democratically elect delegates to debate and ultimately endorse in statewide constitutional races, Assembly, Senate, and congressional seats as well as ballot measures in advance of California’s June primary.

Delegates came to Oakland from local unions across California to endorse candidates – regardless of party affiliation — with a record of standing with workers on middle-class supporting issues like reducing the income gap, raising the minimum wage, access to affordable health care, retirement security and the right for workers to form and join unions. The democratic, grassroots process which unions endorse and work to elect candidates stands in stark contrast to the expected avalanche of campaign spending from corporations, millionaires and billionaires in the wake of recent Supreme Court decisions Citizens United and McCutcheon vs. FEC. 

At the top of the ticket, delegates overwhelmingly endorsed Governor Jerry Brown for another term, noting his record in signing laws that support immigrant workers, low-wage earners and middle class jobs.   

Today’s pre-primary endorsements serve as the launching pad for the massive grassroots voter outreach efforts that will activate tens of thousands of volunteers from now until Election Day. The California Labor mobilization relies heavily on personal communication at the door, on the phone and at the worksite to educate voters about key issues in the upcoming primary.

California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Art Pulaski:

“Our power derives from workers coming together on nights and weekends to talk to friends, neighbors and co-workers about the importance of this year’s election. “What our grassroots efforts lack in money we more than make up for in face-to-face voter engagement. With big money perverting our political process, the labor program to engage and mobilize voters on worker issues is more important than it’s ever been. We’re ready to get to work electing a slate of pro-worker candidates committed to making California the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

Delegates voted today on endorsements for the June primary only. General election endorsements for candidates and ballot measures occur at the Federation’s Biennial Convention in July.

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