California Labor Movement Shares Governor’s Commitment to Investing in State’s Future

, California Labor Federation

Gov. Jerry Brown put forth a vision for California today that working people can embrace. With today’s State of the State speech, it’s clear that the destructive slash-and-burn politics of the previous administration have been replaced with a forward-thinking vision to invest in our future. While our state’s 21st century challenges are many, the California Labor movement is confident we have a leader at the helm to guide us beyond those challenges.

Gov. Brown understands all too well that we can’t create jobs with stale ideas and cuts to investments that support healthy private sector growth. The Governor’s plan to upgrade our failing infrastructure isn’t optional if we hope to rise above the recession. It’s necessary to rebuilding our economy and putting Californians back to work. We simply can’t sustain a vibrant economy if we don’t invest in the infrastructure that supports it.

We fully support the Governor’s call to begin building a high-speed rail system that will transform our state and restore our place as a world leader in innovation. We also applaud his continued efforts to green our economy, protecting the air we breathe and water we drink while creating thousands of good clean energy jobs.

We share the Governor’s goal of raising the necessary revenue to support investing in our people and state’s future. Budget cuts in recent years to our schools, colleges, public safety and other services have mired California in recession. Further slashing our safety net and important services that make our communities stronger and safer is a recipe for disaster. Additionally, irresponsible cuts to the retirement security of middle class workers like teachers, firefighters and other public servants will only deepen our state’s economic slide.

As with any grand vision, the Governor’s plan will be met with criticism by those who refuse to see California’s potential beyond the immediate challenges. But with today’s speech, the Governor made clear that now isn’t the time for weak leadership that shrinks from those challenges. It’s time for bold vision that creates jobs, strengthens communities and renews the California Dream.