California Unions Urge Support for State’s Veterans, Yes Vote on Prop 41

Over 200,000 California veterans live in poverty. More than a quarter of the nation’s homeless veterans are right here in our state. We see them on the street. Their injuries – both physical and emotional – are evident. Yet, far too little is being done to help the heroes who fought for our country find a roof over their heads at night. That’s simply shameful.

We can do better. We must do better.

Prop 41 directs $600 million of existing Proposition 12 (Veterans Bond Act of 2008) to housing options for veterans. On June 3, California voters have an opportunity to infuse much-needed funds into transitional housing for veterans, which would go a long way to providing a warm place to sleep at night for those who have sacrificed so much to defend the very freedoms many of us take for granted.

For labor unions, this issue is close to our hearts. Last year, the California Labor Federation, the Orange County Employees Association and unions around the state launched “Veterans and Labor – Partners in Service” with the express purpose of harnessing the power of working people in California to advocate on veterans’ issues.

We proudly endorsed Prop 41 because it’s exactly the kind of thing we need to see more of here in California. The measure doesn’t ask voters for new money. It won’t cost taxpayers a dime. But what it will do is get veterans off the street. No one who has served our nation in uniform should live in poverty or be without a place to live.

So on June 3, cast a vote to curb homelessness among our state’s veterans. Cast a vote to give our heroes in uniform a chance to build a better life. Cast a vote for Prop. 41.

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