Central Valley Latinos Speak Out Against Prop 32 and Its Arizona Influence

The deceptive Prop 32 would be devastating to all Californians who believe workers need a voice in politics to balance out the corporate greed and excess that’s squeezing the middle class. But Prop 32 would be particularly tough on California’s Latinos, who make up more than one-third of California’s population.

By scamming California voters into giving unfair and dangerous influence to its billionaire backers, Prop 32 would exacerbate the problems that already plague California’s Latino communities (and, in fact, ALL California communities), including ballooning class sizes in our schools, fewer police and firefighters on our streets and dwindling access to health care. The Prop 32 backers also oppose comprehensive immigration reform that would make the American Dream more attainable for immigrant families.

That’s why Latino leaders, workers and supporters held bilingual English/Spanish rallies in Fresno and Bakersfield on Tuesday, to expose the truth behind this deceptive measure and urge California Latinos in the Central Valley to vote No on Prop 32.

At the Bakersfield rally, United Farm Workers Co-Founder Dolores Huerta, who also spoke last week at a bilingual rally in LA, reminded the crowd in both Spanish and English that Proposition 32 isn’t just an attack on unions, but an attack on all workers.

The laws and rights we advocate for aren’t just for union members. Unions fight for safety, health, and better working conditions for everyone. Proposition 32 is an attack on us all.

Kern High School District teacher Jesse Aguilar urged the public to take a close look at the Phoenix-based dark money group that’s spending big in order to pass Prop 32.

Just last week, an anonymous Arizona group poured $11 million into the Yes on 32 side. We should all ask ourselves why, and make sure California doesn’t become like Arizona.

Aguilar’s point is clear — Arizona isn’t exactly known as a place that’s friendly to Latinos, particularly in the wake of SB 1070, the now infamous and entirely discriminatory “Papers Please” racial profiling law. That outrageous law was sponsored and backed by the Arizona Republican Party – and now, one of the party’s leading activists is heading up the shady front group that’s funneling millions into Prop 32.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “’Papers Please’ could never happen here,” think again —  because if Prop 32 passes and we can no longer have a voice in politics, it’s only a matter of time before extreme right-wing politicians take over Sacramento and start imposing draconian policies just like SB 1070.

But California Latinos have the power to make sure our state doesn’t end up like Arizona. All they have to do is vote No on Prop 32, and encourage all their friends and family and co-workers to do the same.

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Check out highlights from last week’s “Voten NO en la Proposición 32” action in LA.