Chamber of Commerce Gets $$ from Big Offshoring Corps.

It’s long past time for the Chamber of Commerce to take ”U.S.” out of its formal name. Because calling itself the “U.S.” Chamber of Commerce implies it backs the interests of job creation in the United States. And proof emerges again that it does not. 

While funding $75 million in political ads to attack the jobs record of lawmakers who support creating good jobs in this country, the Chamber is pushing to send jobs overseas to outsourcing companies that are funding its political attack ads.

This from Think Progress:

While it tells the American public it cares about American jobs, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce actually works to send jobs overseas on behalf of its corporate members, which include some of Asia’s top offshoring companies. As ThinkProgress previously noted, the Chamber has repeatedly sent out issue alerts attacking Democratic efforts to encourage businesses to hire locally rather than outsource to foreign countries. The Chamber has also bitterly fought Democrats for opposing unfettered free trade deals.

The Chamber’s anti-American jobs agenda serves…the profit-seeking of right-wing corporate executives in the United States….

Those in Washington, D.C., might want to go by the Chamber’s HQ, across from the White House, to view the “Jobs” banners hanging ostentatiously off its marble facade.

It’s worth the laugh.