Andrea Nicholls is Health and Safety Coordinator at the LA County Federation of Labor.

‘Bad Actor’ Company Cited for Health and Safety Violations

Another step towards justice in the waste industry has been won. On Tuesday, Cal/OSHA cited American Reclamation, Inc., a solid waste facility in Los Angeles, for multiple health and safety violations along with its subsidiary, South Coast Fibers, Inc., and its staffing agency, Steno Employment Services, Inc. In total, the agency cited 36 violations with penalties amounting to almost $40,000. These citations were spurred by a formal complaint filed in November 2011 by eight American Reclamation employees. “We are not garbage!” has been the catchphrase among the workers who are courageously standing up for safe, dignified jobs. In this largely invisible workforce, the exploitation and mistreatment of workers is much more likely to go unnoticed.