Anne McMonigle is a project coordinator at the California Labor Federation – Workforce and Economic Development Program.

Prop 39 Success Stories: workers trained across California for careers in green jobs

By Anne McMonigle

In 2012, California voters passed Proposition 39, the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop 39), closing a tax loophole that rewarded companies for hiring outside of California. This proposition promised to use the new revenue to create green jobs and lessen our budget deficit. Just a few years later, California voters will be happy to hear that Prop 39 continues to deliver on its promise.

Recent Audit Finds That More Can be Done to Help California’s Unemployed

Last week, the California State Auditor released a report finding that more effective state planning and oversight is necessary for implementing the federal Workforce Investment Act in California.  The findings in the audit confirm what many of us working in the WIA system already knew to be true: a nonalignment of state agency practices and policies and a complacent attitude towards performance measures, has done a disservice to California employers and job seekers alike.

At a time when California remains saddled with a staggering unemployment rate, it is reprehensible to think that job seekers could lose the benefits of a public workforce system as a result of inefficiency and a lack of oversight at the state level.

Labor-Management Partnerships: A Win-Win for Workers, Employers & Communities

California’s labor force is in the midst of a major economic and demographic transformation. High Road labor-management training partnerships can play an important role in ensuring California’s workers have the skills they need to remain competitive in an increasingly volatile economy. 

That's why the California Labor Federation's Workforce and Economic Development Program has recently reprinted Working Together: Sectoral Lessons from Labor-Management Training Partnerships in California. By profiling four unique labor-management training partnerships, Working Together examines the strengths of industry-focused and sector-based workforce development strategies.