Billie Feliciano has worked concessions at Giants games since 1978. She is a member and activist with UNITE HERE local 2.

We May Sell Peanuts, But We Shouldn’t Have to Work for Them

Billie Feliciano

I’ve worked concessions at Giants games since 1978. Back then, a 24-ounce beer cost $3.75 and the average ticket to a game was less than $4.00.  I was working the World Series at Candlestick in 1989 when the earthquake hit.  All the people at the park became united and strong during the emergency.  All the workers helped each other.  When we moved to AT&T Park, we started working for a new concessionaire, now called Centerplate, but we’ve always worked for Giants fans.

My older son Damon started wrapping hot dogs with me in 1990, when he was 14 years old.  He worked his way up to being a stand manager over 12 years before he passed away.  My younger son Timothy works at AT&T Park too while he’s attending college.