Cathy Youngblood works as a hotel housekeeper at the Hyatt Andaz in West Hollywood. She is a member of UNITE HERE.

Why Someone Like Me Should Have a Say at Hyatt

Cathy Youngblood

There are many positive things about being a housekeeper.  I get to meet the world.  I have a real bond with the other women I work with. I also take pride in working in a field where I give comfort and pleasure to people when the travel.

There are also challenges to being a housekeeper. Everyday the work is exhausting and physically debilitating.  And management doesn’t always really listen when we have ideas about how to make the work safer or more efficient.

I care about my job, but also I see how things could be better. That’s why Hyatt needs someone like me on its Board of Directors. The current corporate officers might have business sense, but I have common sense. They push paper, I do the physical labor.