Charles Idelson is communications director for National Nurses United.

An Alternative to Austerity? Thousands Say “Tax Wall Street”

Charles Idelson

They came, they danced, they marched, 2,000 people spirited and strong, Robin Hood's merry band of men and women, through the streets of Washington April 20.

Ending up astride a prominent government building, christened with a new name and a naming ceremony. No more U.S. Treasury, now, the banner declared, “The U.S. Treasury. A Citigroup Subsidiary. Jack Lew, Inc., CEO.”

“We could end AIDS, reverse climate change, fund jobs and health care. Who do you work for Secretary Lew?” asked Jennifer Flynn, managing director of Health GAP (Global Action Project). “You work for the people, not Wall Street.”

Prop. 32 Campaign Having Trouble with the Facts

Charles Idelson

Just looked up chutzpah in the dictionary. The definition says “see the Proposition 32 campaign in California” (well it does in my dictionary anyway).  Presumably the dictionary is referring to the latest Yes on 32 ad deceptively titled “Dishonest.” No, it was not a confession, but it should have been.

Prop. 32 is the November ballot measure pushed by the rightwing cabal that was behind two previous losing California initiatives to eliminate the influence of unions and working people in state politics. At least in those two previous efforts, Prop. 226 in 1998, and Prop. 75, one of disgraced former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s special election measures in 2005, the proponents were forthright in their anti-union aims.

Nurses: ‘Court Ruling Does Not End Healthcare Crisis or the Need to Continue Campaigning for Reform’

Last week’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act should not be seen as the end of efforts by health care activists for a permanent fix to our broken healthcare system.

To achieve that end, the 175,000-member National Nurses United (NNU) pledged to step up a campaign for a reform that is not based on extending the grip of a failed private insurance system, but, says NNU Co-President Jean Ross, “on a universal program based on patient need, not on profits or ability to pay. That’s Medicare for all.”