Dr. Christina McCale is a professor and author of Waiting For Change, which discusses the economic realities the 99% experience during the Great Recession (also found at her blog  http://www.waitingforchange.us/)

Would “Undercover Pol” Help Lawmakers Tune In to Reality?

to include saddling seniors with more health care burdens, cutting social benefits such as food stamps, and making it harder for the middle class and poor to send their children to college by cutting Pell grants. 

I propose that perhaps, before any budget slashing begins, Governor Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan should take part in a new version of “Undercover Boss,” as I recently suggested on a morning radio show with Olympia’s Dick Pust.

Maybe we’ll call it “Undercover Pol.” Let’s send our participating politician into a family home where our undercover star has no job… and the mortgage is due. Let’s send them grocery shopping on food stamps. They’ll quickly find out, as I delineated in my own experience with the downhill slide of unemployment, that $76 a month for a family of three doesn’t go very far.