Founded in 2009, DREAM Team LA is an immigrant rights organization that advocates with undocumented activists & with the larger Los Angeles immigrant community.

On the Road to Freedom: DREAM Team LA Mobilizes for Fair & Just Immigration Reform


We woke up early, way before the sun was up. We rode our bikes or the bus; we drove or got rides from other people so that we could come together and express our discontent with the current immigration policy. It was Monday, January 21. About 10 us gathered on the corner of Alameda and Aliso, in Downtown Los Angeles, still shivering from the cold dawn breeze.

As we stood there we exchanged glares with those driving Homeland Security vans into the nearby Federal Detention Center, all the while thinking about just who might be inside those vans. Was it a father trying to earn some honest money to support his family? Was it a mother who is in tears, not knowing when she'll see her kids again?