Dylan J. Anderson is part of the internet communications team at the United Farm Workers. Based out of New York, he is a Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholar at New York University finishing his B.A. in Political Communication and Culture.

SB 104: Providing Farm Workers a 75-Year-Old Protection

by Dylan J. Anderson

Recently, both the California Senate and Assembly passed SB 104, “The Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act.” SB 104 provides farm workers the same basic protection of eliminating employer intimidation the National Labor Relations Act provides most other types of workers. By allowing workers to fill out a union ballot in the safety of their home, SB 104 merely brings farmer workers’ unionization standards up to par with the NLRA – which passed in 1935.

Now the bill is going to Governor Jerry Brown. If he does not sign SB 104 into law, farm workers will continue to face unbearable conditions and pressure.