Eric Wolfe is communications director at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 1245.

Lompoc City Employees Vote Overwhelmingly to Join IBEW 1245

Eric Wolfe

Employees at the City of Lompoc chose to be represented by IBEW Local 1245 in a union election conducted on Jan. 29. The union received over 90% of the vote.

“It was pretty overwhelming,” said Local 1245 Business Rep. Junior Ornelas, who was active in the election campaign. “It wasn’t just the utility group, it wasn’t just the water department—it was wall to wall. It was everybody.”

The employees were previously represented by an independent union, the Lompoc Employees Association (LEA). Members of the LEA’s board of directors played a pivotal role in the campaign to select IBEW Local 1245 as the employees’ bargaining representative.