Gordon Mar is coordinator with Jobs for Justice San Francisco.

Walmart and Hyatt Workers to Visit .00001% in San Francisco

Greg Penner and Carrie Walton Penner aren’t just part of the 1%. They’re part of the .000001%. The Penners are members of the wealthiest family in the United States, the Walton family, which owns of Walmart. Greg Penner sits on the board of both Walmart and Hyatt corporations. On Thursday, workers from Walmart and Hyatt and their supporters will be paying a visit to the Penners outside a high-priced fundraiser in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Ms. Walton Penner is a co-host of the event. 

The Walton family, including the Penners, are the face of the 1%. Six members of the Walton family have a total wealth of greater than $100 billion. Last year, an economist reported the amazing statistic that these six members of the Walton family have a greater wealth than the bottom 30% of American families combined.