Heidi Baizabal works at a Walmart-subcontracted warehouse in Mira Loma, and is an activist with Warehouse Workers United.

On Strike & Fighting For Justice at Walmart-Contracted Warehouse

Heidi Baizabal

I have worked at the Walmart-contracted warehouse in Mira Loma for the last five years, but I am still paid $8 an hour, the minimum wage, and I still only have part-time hours. I make about $200 a week.

I have done every job inside the warehouse and I can tell you it’s hard work and a lot of us get injured. In fact, right now I have to work in the office because I hurt my lower back, shoulder and knee carrying a very heavy box.

I am a single mother and I support my four children ages 16, 15, 12 and 9. We share an apartment in Fullerton with other people, but even so it’s difficult to pay the rent and all our bills each month. We get by borrowing whatever we can and I sell jewelry for a little extra money. It’s because of my kids that I made the decision to go on strike.