Javier Rodriguez is a warehouse worker at a Walmart-subcontacted warehouse in southern California, and an activist with Warehouse Workers United. On April 25th, 2013, Javier was fired for speaking out for fair and safe working conditions at his warehouse. Learn more about Javier.

Fired for Speaking Out: Why I’m Still Fighting for Justice

Javier Rodriguez

One month ago, my son Alex was born. Yesterday, I was fired from my job as a forklift driver at a warehouse where we move 100 percent Walmart merchandise.

I am outspoken. I defend my coworkers. I alert management to broken and unsafe equipment. I teach my coworkers about their rights, like what minimum wage is and what they should do when they are injured on the job.

I have been a target of management for awhile. They watch everything I do, but it’s not my nature to be silent or scared. I know when I am right. Last year, I went on strike to protest the retaliation my coworkers experienced when they spoke to the media and the public about the dirty water (if we had any water at all) that we were given to drink, the brakeless forklifts and the extreme temperatures inside the warehouse.