Jazmin Rumbaut works with the Yes on Prop 37 campaign.

Turning our Grocers Against Us: How the Deceptive “No on 37” Campaign is Hindering Our Right to

funded by very large corporations and vey few individuals.  These corporations are so panicked that 37 will affect their bottom line that they are willing sacrifice our democracy and manipulate workers, small business owners, and the public at large to get them to vote against their own interests. 

One instrument of this confusion is Ray Martinez, owner of an Inglewood market who in interviews with outlets in English and Spanish and now in a heavily-aired TV ad has repeatedly made the same deliberately misleading claims about food costs and the effects of 37 on retailers, slighting the truth in an effort to keep Californians from voting for the right to know what’s in our food.  He purports to care about his customers like family, but wouldn’t you want your family to know what they are eating?  And wouldn’t you want them to know the truth?