Jocelyn Sherman is the Internet Communications Director at the United Farm Workers.

New UFW Website Documents Personal Stories From the Farm Worker Movement

It will document the accounts of thousands of men, women and children who participated over five historic decades with Cesar Chavez and the UFW. It will tell the story of how millions of Americans, 17 million adults in a 1975 nationwide poll, rallied to the farm workers’ cause and continue to support it.

These stories range from strikers, full-time organizers and staff to volunteer pickets, marchers and countless consumers who boycotted grapes and other products. The UFW asks you to share what you did, and are still doing, for farm workers in this official and premiere location that preserves these stories and makes them available for future generations.

Farm Workers Marching for Fair Treatment Need Your Support

History is being made, and you can take part. Ten days ago, on Tuesday August 23, farm workers began a historic 200-mile pilgrimage up the Central Valley to Sacramento to press for enactment of the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act and legislation giving farm workers the right to be paid overtime after 8 hours like other workers. This historic march will end this Sunday, Sept. 4th, Labor Day weekend, at the State Capitol. Thousands of farm workers from throughout California will attend this rally and personally tell Gov. Jerry Brown to sign their bills once they reach his desk. Will you join them? Learn more and sign up to participate here.

United Farm Workers Embark on 200-Mile March to Support Fair Treatment for Farm Workers

Two months ago, Gov Brown vetoed the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act, a bill that would have made it easier for farm workers to join a union and speak up for their rights. Arevised version of the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act and another bill to ensure farm workers recieve overtime as other workers are expected to be introduced in the legislature shortly. And this time, the farm workers are using their marching feet to try and convince Gov. Jerry Brown to sign those two bills when they reach his desk.

Yesterday, the United Farm Workers kicked off a 200-mile “Fair Treatment For Farm Workers Now” march up the Central Valley to Sacramento. Over the next two weeks, there will be up to 50 full-time marchers who will be joined by farm workers and community folks throughout the route, and by thousands of farm workers when they arrive at the Capitol on Sept. 4th, Labor Day weekend.