Joseph Galasso Ph.D. has been on the Linguistics Faculty at California State University, Northridge since 2000 and is a member of California Faculty Association (CFA). The main point of contention that Joseph Galasso offers us is that the country has gone too long without a “true conversation” about the multifaceted long-term dynamics which arise from a healthy American middle class of which education and labor play integral parts.

A Brief Perspective: The Reagan Assault on the Middle Class

Once, the landscape was populated by private-sector types who answered a call to public service—a hybrid of liberal-minded republican men of the Nelson Rockefeller type.  With the Ronald Reagan presidency, a new type of man emerged who equated “private” to mean the “shining city on the hill”, a seemingly autonomous creation detached from its creators.  For Reagan, “public” denoted government, and government was to be dismantled at all costs.  Of course, Reagan would herald this very narrow view of government anathema to that which sought to serve ordinary people.