California Labor Federation

Passing Paid Sick Days Shows That We Matter

Yesterday I went to Sacramento to join folks from the Organization United for Respect (OUR Walmart) campaign for a Lobby Day. It was one of those days where a big group gets together and knocks the doors of those legislators who have sworn to make laws that serve and protect the needs of their California constituents.  In a coordinated effort we split up, each sub-group taking its designated floor of the Capitol by storm.

Celebrities Join Film and TV Workers, Flood Capitol in Support of Good Jobs

We all remember “Marv” from Home Alone– the not-so-clever “Wet Bandit” burglar, played by Daniel Stern. Thanks to great acting and the several talented makeup and special effects artists— we all laughed as 10 year old Macaulay Culkin repeatedly beat the ever-living-crap out of Stern and his co-star Joe Pesci. The ability to deliver this kind of pain-free magic to families the world over, generation after generation, is what California’s movie industry is famous for. And each and every worker on the production contributes to the magic we see on-screen. But recently, that magic–and the livelihoods of the workers who bring it to life– have been under attack.

Q&A with Labor Leaders: Teamsters General President Hoffa

Corporate America has a new plan: to use labor contractors and staffing agencies to supply workers with no strings attached. Look no further than Taylor Farms in Tracy, California, where the company is using multiple staffing agencies to avoid any responsibility to its workers.  Taylor Farms workers are standing up for their rights and are working to pass AB 1897, sponsored by the California Labor Federation and the Teamsters Union, to hold companies accountable for labor abuses of temporary workers.

Last week, Teamster General President James Hoffa joined the Taylor Farms workers in solidarity at the Capitol and again at a rally in Tracy to support their fight for justice at Taylor Farms and advocate for the passage of AB 1897.  We asked President Hoffa a few questions about his trip to California. 

In Honor of Mother’s Day, 4 Fresh “Paid Sick Days” Tips to Keep CA Moms Healthy & Happy All Year

You might be surprised to learn that more flowers get sent on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year.  Yep, that’s right– all the romantic Valentine’s Day arrangements, the spirited Christmas poinsettias, and even the blue irises at Hanukah don’t hold a candle to the floral frenzy we shower on our mamas every second Sunday of May.  As beautiful as our blossoms might be, isn’t it time to give mom something that will benefit her long after the flowers have wilted? Well here’s your chance.