Leslie Miller works in the communications department at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and blogs for TeamsterNation.

First Responders in El Centro Strike Against Poverty Wages

 in their fight for a wage that allows them to feed their families and pay for medical coverage.

Sixty of our Teamster brothers and sisters in El Centro, Calif., are standing strong against Gold Cross Ambulance, which pays them starting hourly wages ranging from $8.78 to $9.77  for saving lives as ambulance drivers, EMTs and paramedics. They are members of Teamsters Local 542 in San Diego.

Phil Farias, president of Teamsters Local 542, said the Teamsters deserve a fair wage, better benefits and decent working conditions.

National Federation of Independent Businesses: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing on Prop 32

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (N.F.I.B.) came to our attention last week because it endorsed the Billionaires' Bill of Rights in California, aka Prop 32. The BBR is just another attempt to destroy our union, and our western brothers and sisters are fighting hard against it.

Anyhoo, a credulous Sacramento Bee reporter wrote a story about NFIB's endorsement of Prop 32, saying “small businesses endorse California measure affecting unions.”

Reports the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, the group often lobbies for policies that benefit big business at the expense of small. The NFIB supports a higher tax on the income of independent businesses and families so that big national chains can avoid paying state taxes.