Lisa Hoyos is the California Director of the Blue-Green Alliance, a coalition of 12 of our nation's largest labor unions and environmental organizations.

Workers and Riders Unite to Urge BART Board of Directors to Buy American-Made Rail Cars

The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system needs new rail cars. But will BART seize the opportunity to hire a company to manufacture the rail cars that will create as many jobs as possible here at home? That’s the subject of tomorrow’s BART Board of Directors meeting, where the Board will have the opportunity to move toward selecting a company that will produce rail cars using 95% domestic content. 

Alstom is a NY-based rail car manufacturing company that has produced more than 7,000 safe and reliable metro cars for transit systems throughout the country. If they’re selected by the BART Board of directors (as opposed to another company that would use nearly one-third less domestic content), the company would help create and sustain a passenger rail supply chain that will serve commuter systems in California and across the country.