Lous Paulson is President of the California Professional Firefighters.

AB 1373: Stopping the Death Clock

Lou Paulson

Over the course of a career, firefighters are relentlessly exposed to a hellish mix of toxins. These exposures put firefighters at a substantially greater risk of getting cancer — a reality documented in more than 80 peer-reviewed medical studies.

Personally, I don't need the studies. In my three decades in the fire service, I’ve seen many succumb to job-caused cancer, including my best friend. Law enforcement officers – regularly exposed to toxins and often without breathing apparatus – pay a similarly heavy price.

To us, this sacrifice is every bit as noble as that of one who dies in a fiery instant.

Math Should Trump Politics in California Pension Debate

Lou Paulson

If there’s one thing the debate over public employees’ pensions has taught us, it’s that California needs to invest more in mathematics instruction in its public schools.

When Stanford professors who receive special interest funding for their work and self-proclaimed  ”taxpayer” organizations bankrolled by anti-union groups  wag their finger at an an investment system that yields 8 percent annual returns, it’s clear there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of the numbers. No wonder the state budget is never balanced.